Retail Theft

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Are you facing Lehigh County criminal charges or arrest for retail theft or shoplifting crimes?  Then speak to a Lehigh County Retail Theft Lawyer to defend your charges or arrest for such crimes as theft, receiving stolen goods, theft of services, retail theft, shoplifting and bad checks.

Retail theft, also known as shoplifting, can be a serious criminal charge under Pennsylvania criminal laws. The penalties for shoplifting vary according to the value of the items involved, but any criminal charge must be taken seriously if you hope to avoid the harshest consequences now and in the future.

Police and department stores will pursue charges of retail theft for changing labels or price tags, disabling anti theft or security devices, or any behavior allegedly intending to deprive a retailer of the full value of merchandise.

Do not make the mistake of taking your first offense of retail theft lightly.  Even though a first offense of retail theft often results in only a fine, it sets up the penalties for a second offense.  In Pennsylvania, retail theft charges are a recidivist offense with increasing penalties after each conviction.  By “paying the fine” on the first offense, you may be facing future jail time.  Fight the charges and your future by speaking to one of our experienced attorneys today.

Speak to attorneys who have defended retail theft charges and know the best legal defenses to a retail theft or shoplifting charge, such as contesting your intent to commit the crime and the motive or motivation of the store security person in charging as many individuals as possible.

Even in cases where the facts are not in dispute, our Lehigh County criminal defense lawyers will work to fight the punishment, get the charges reduced or get the charges dismissed through a first time offender or ARD Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program.  The ARD program is available where we can convince the district attorney to offer it and place you on probation for a period of twelve to twenty four months in exchange for a dismissal of the charges at the end of the program and expungement eligibility.

Retail Theft Offense Category Maximum Penalty
Items over $2000 in value, or
theft is of a car or gun, or
is a 3rd offense
Third Degree Felony up to 7 years in prison
Items valued over $150 but under $2000 First Degree Misdemeanor up to 5 years in prison
under $150 in value and 2nd Offense Second Degree Misdemeanor up to 3 years in prison
under $150 in value and 1st Offense Summary Offense up to 90 days in jail

Since most Lehigh County arrests for theft do not occur during the actual theft, police are usually led to a suspect after talking to witnesses or recovering security camera footage.  A search warrant for stolen items may be obtained and a search of the suspect’s apartment or home may take place. Regardless of what the police find or don’t find, once the police have decided to arrest you, it is best to say nothing until you have an attorney present who can protect your rights.

It is essential that a skilled attorney gets involved to dispute the District Attorney’s evidence, their version of events, and the testimony of their witnesses.  It is important that you do not make the mistake and give a statement to the police or authorities before you have consulted and retained counsel.

Committed to Helping You Avoid the Worst Possible Scenario

While there are no guarantees in criminal defense law, understanding your rights and the legal options available to you can improve your chances when defending yourself from all retail theft, bad checks and shoplifting charges.  As a criminal defense attorney with years of experience in our criminal justice system, I understand how to negotiate with the court, how to identify questionable police conduct and suspicious testimony, and prevent clients from making certain kinds of mistakes.

We make your choice all the clearer fighting for clients throughout Lehigh County, including our main location in Greater Philadelphia.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer, please contact us (888) 643-0006.